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and Sandrine Rousseau
09320 Aleu
Ariège-Pyrénées, France

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Le charme de l'été à la montagne.


Long, hot sunny days are what await you during an Ariege summer – together with the occasional thunderstorm (which increase in frequency after mid-August). But since it is the mountains, there can also be clouds and early morning mist. Even so, the chorus of crickets and cicadas is the characteristic sound of the summer.

But not to be missed either are the spectacular night skies. The absence of light pollution means that you will rarely see so many stars !

The garden has a number of corners in which to hide yourself away

Mountain Walks/ Treks


Cool off during a hot summer day with a refreshing swim in a mountain river.  15 mins drive from Pinsou is the River Arac where one can find quiet, shaded river banks from which to dip ones toes, or dive and swim.

Those who prefer swimming in a pool, the open-air public pool of St. Girons (30 mins drive away) is very pleasant and usually uncrowded before 2.30 p.m.

There is also an open-air swimming pool in the mountain village of Saint Lizier d’Ustou (also 30 mins drive distant).


Summer is the season when each and every village in the Couserans stages its own annual fête. Because these fêtes are spread throughout the summer, you are guaranteed to find one during your stay. Check at all tourist offices for dates and times.

In addition to these village fêtes, there are regular open-air markets in the villages of Massat and Seix where entertainment is laid on and local produce and arts and crafts available for purchase.

St. Girons hosts the area’s main open-air market every Saturday morning. Enjoy the colours, sights and sounds of this quintessentially local experience.

Other important festive dates are :

Sporting Activities

Horse riding (20 mins drive away) ; Canoeing and kayaking (25 mins) ; Hand gliding (45 mins) ; River fishing (15 mins) ; Rock climbing and adventure centre (40 mins) ; Open air swimming pool (30 mins) ; Donkey trekking (at Aleu village).



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